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My Bonnie by John Suchet
I liked the way this book was written since it chops and changes between time zones, which helps avoid the urge to skip ahead to the bit you're interested in, such as the 'dementia bit' which I found with Fiona Phillips book. So you don't get too bored with hearing about someone else's life before the bit you want to actually know about. He seems to be open and honest, although maybe cherry picking the bits to share with us. But I liked to read it as it was a spouse story, not a child-parent story.

Before I Forget by Fiona Phillips
I like Fiona very much, but wasn't too interested in reading her autobiography, which this is, as well as info about her experiences of dementia. So I was reading "hoping she'd get to the poiint", or what I had bought the book for anyway. Especially with a title like that, I thought it would be all about her parents. I think some of the back story is relevant to give some perspective, but it took too long to get on for my liking. However, I'm glad to have read it, just for the empathy of a fellow carer. And it's well written of course, her being a journalist.

Dementia Diary, A Caregiver's Journal by Robert Tell
An American book, but a good read for the daily-ness of this illness and how it affects the carer.

Dancing with Dementia
Written by a person with the disease, a good read. A bit wordy but interesting.

The Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring
This is an open and honest account of a bloke caring for his wife and mentions things other books may not (like wanting to push them down the stairs - not something I've wanted to do (yet?) but I appreciate his honesty). The style of writing may take a bit to get used to but well worth it. Also easily laid out to jump between chapters as you may feel like doing.

What if it's Not Alzheimer's?
This is a very thorough book and excellent when you want a bit more in-depth info, and especially as it focuses on fronto temporal, which is more relevant to me. You can ignore the chapters that aren't relevant and go into detail such as genetics etc if you want. But it's there if you want it.

Alzheimer's - caring for your loved one, caring for yourself
This is a great all round book. It's easy to read, practical and helpful.

Could it be dementia?
Very Good.

Alzheimer's and Other Dementias
Easy to navigate and skip non relevant bits. A bit simple for me but maybe I've read so much that's an unfair criticism. Easy style of being questions and answers (hence being easy to skip through - non-relevant questions can be ignored). Some questions are similar to each other which is a bit annoying. A good starting book covering the basics.

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