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Nottinghamshire Working Age Dementia

The Working Age Dementia Service in Notts contact details are as follows:

Tracey Evans
OT Consultant
Working Age Dementia
Outreach Office
The Forest (Barchester Unit)
Southwell Road
NG18 4HH

Tel: 01623 415707
Mobile: 07833 437004
Fax: 01623 415713

Some documents you might find useful include:

Working Age Dementia Leaflet

Working Age Dementia Care Pathway

I think the only info they have available online is here: Notts WAD
This website has different contact details but the ones I cite above I retrieved from Tracey Evans' email footer, so are correct.

There's also info about the launch here: Notts WAD launch article

If you were interested in some deep reading, there's also the strategy document that started the service: Working Age Dementia Strategy